There are few things that scream “quintessential all-American vacation” quite like the recreational vehicle does. RVs have become a cherished piece of the picture when it comes to American family fun. In this country, we have always had a natural passion for adventure surging through our veins. It’s in our blood to want to travel and see the unique beauty of our nation. It’s only logical that Americans would cling to the RV and all it stands for. RVs represent America’s need for freedom and spontaneity, while still maintaining our stability and comfort.

RV History

RVs were not always the posh vehicles we have today. The history of RVs really starts in 1910, when the first camping trailers began to be produced for consumer use. These vehicles were made specifically for the purpose of camping. The trailer would be its own separate piece that you would attach behind your vehicle. By 1919, the first auto-campers club was started in Florida.

Unfortunately, the Great Depression and then WWII put a damper on production, sales, and use. Then the popularity of the recreational vehicle rekindled in the 1950s, when companies were freed from war rationing and able to mass produce these vehicles. Companies began to cater to road travelers by turning these vehicles into desirable luxury items. Their popularity continued to increase into the late 1960s, when they began to make them not only deluxe but affordable as well.

RVs Today

As time has rolled on, RVs have evolved with the demands of the consumers. The addition of all the latest appliances and amenities has increased their appeal hundred-fold. These vehicles have literally become the most comfortable, convenient, and lush way to travel. When you’re in an RV, everything you could want or need is at your fingertips, and the view just keeps getting better!

Whether you’re a camper who wants to find secluded natural beauty or you enjoy exclusive upscale destinations, the RV can make any vacation your best vacation. Isn’t it about time you hit the open road and made memories with your friends and family? It’s easy to set out on a vacation adventure with one of our RV rentals in Austin here at American Dream Vacations. America is waiting to be explored!

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