With airline prices always on the rise, people are turning to RV vacations more and more to save money and see the country. This is great news for you if you already own an RV! If you choose to rent out your RV in Austin, your recreational vehicle that was just for fun has instantly turned into a money-making investment. Here are some ways that you can ensure that you make money from renting out your RV to other people.

Spend to Earn

There is a common saying that states, “You have to spend money to make money” and that couldn’t be more true that in dealing with renting out your RV. People don’t want to rent a run-down machine that doesn’t look reliable–let alone clean. If you want to entice people to rent your RV, you need to fix it up. At the very least, you should have it detailed between renting it out to other people. It has to look clean and polished on the inside. You must always keep it smelling nice and have all the luxury appliances. This all takes money, and you will need to spend it to get anyone to even consider renting.


Most vacationers live for add-on perks that can come at a very little cost to you. If you advertise that your RV rental includes a luxury brand of coffee or that you don’t require that they top off the tank before returning the RV, people will flock to you. Find out what is important to customers, and make sure that you include it in your ads. Renters appreciate when people put a little extra time and effort into making them comfortable.

List Correctly

You should make sure that you are selective on where you decide to list your RV for rent. You don’t want to attract the wrong kind of people, but you do want to reach a widespread audience. If you list on craigslist or sites like that, then you should remember to try and protect your privacy. Go to a third location to have potential clients tour your RV, give out a separate email address from your private one, and don’t give out your last name until you are ready for them to sign the rental papers. There are also safe and reputable websites online that can help rent your RV for you.

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