What Recreational Vehicle Should You Rent?

Americans are drawn to the open road. There’s something within us that makes us yearn for that freedom. It’s an adrenaline rush to pack up just a few essentials and head off with your loved ones on a great adventure. Whether you plan for months in advance or wake up that morning ready for a spontaneous road trip, it is a thrill.

There are several ways to have a successful road trip. It really depends on your preference for modern conveniences. Some of us head out on the road to get away from all of the technology and day-to-day amenities, while others find it hard to be relaxed without a few comforts from home.

A trailer or motorhome rental is great way to get away experience the outdoors without the commitment of buying. There is such a wide range of RVs available, and they come fully equipped with every convenience you can think of, or with just a few things to make your trip a little easier.

The different RVs available include Class A motor homes, Class C motor homes, travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers, and tent campers. Take a look at a brief description at each of these to help you decide which one is right for you and your family:

  • Class A motor homes are the large, bus-type vehicles that you have probably seen on the road at some point. They are convenient because your living accommodations and your means of transportation are all in one vehicle. When looking to rent a Class A motor home, keep in mind that although they offer more space, they are little more difficult to than class C motor homes.
  • Class C motor homes are similar to a class A motor home, except they are usually a bit smaller and have a part that extends over the cab of the truck. This area is usually just tall enough for a cozy place to sleep.
  • Travel trailers are the type that you pull behind your own vehicle, or a rented vehicle. Most states do not permit passengers in the trailer while it is being towed. However, there are many other great advantages to this type of trailer. For one, you have the choice to unhook your trailer from you vehicle and park it wherever it is lawful to do so. Another great thing about travel trailers is they come in all sizes and with any combination of amenities you desire.
  • 5th Wheel trailers are very similar to travel trailers, but they have a different hook-up to the bed of a truck to give you a smaller turning radius. They also tend to be a bit lighter.
  • Tent Campers or pop-up campers are significantly smaller than the above-mentioned options and they fold out once you have arrived at your destination.

At American Dreams Vacations, we have all of these types of RVs available to rent and are here to help you decide if you have more questions about which one is right for you.

RV History: Then and Now

There are few things that scream “quintessential all-American vacation” quite like the recreational vehicle does. RVs have become a cherished piece of the picture when it comes to American family fun. In this country, we have always had a natural passion for adventure surging through our veins. It’s in our blood to want to travel and see the unique beauty of our nation. It’s only logical that Americans would cling to the RV and all it stands for. RVs represent America’s need for freedom and spontaneity, while still maintaining our stability and comfort.

RV History

RVs were not always the posh vehicles we have today. The history of RVs really starts in 1910, when the first camping trailers began to be produced for consumer use. These vehicles were made specifically for the purpose of camping. The trailer would be its own separate piece that you would attach behind your vehicle. By 1919, the first auto-campers club was started in Florida.

Unfortunately, the Great Depression and then WWII put a damper on production, sales, and use. Then the popularity of the recreational vehicle rekindled in the 1950s, when companies were freed from war rationing and able to mass produce these vehicles. Companies began to cater to road travelers by turning these vehicles into desirable luxury items. Their popularity continued to increase into the late 1960s, when they began to make them not only deluxe but affordable as well.

RVs Today

As time has rolled on, RVs have evolved with the demands of the consumers. The addition of all the latest appliances and amenities has increased their appeal hundred-fold. These vehicles have literally become the most comfortable, convenient, and lush way to travel. When you’re in an RV, everything you could want or need is at your fingertips, and the view just keeps getting better!

Whether you’re a camper who wants to find secluded natural beauty or you enjoy exclusive upscale destinations, the RV can make any vacation your best vacation. Isn’t it about time you hit the open road and made memories with your friends and family? It’s easy to set out on a vacation adventure with one of our RV rentals in Austin here at American Dream Vacations. America is waiting to be explored!

How to Make Money Renting Out Your RV

With airline prices always on the rise, people are turning to RV vacations more and more to save money and see the country. This is great news for you if you already own an RV! If you choose to rent out your RV in Austin, your recreational vehicle that was just for fun has instantly turned into a money-making investment. Here are some ways that you can ensure that you make money from renting out your RV to other people.

Spend to Earn

There is a common saying that states, “You have to spend money to make money” and that couldn’t be more true that in dealing with renting out your RV. People don’t want to rent a run-down machine that doesn’t look reliable–let alone clean. If you want to entice people to rent your RV, you need to fix it up. At the very least, you should have it detailed between renting it out to other people. It has to look clean and polished on the inside. You must always keep it smelling nice and have all the luxury appliances. This all takes money, and you will need to spend it to get anyone to even consider renting.


Most vacationers live for add-on perks that can come at a very little cost to you. If you advertise that your RV rental includes a luxury brand of coffee or that you don’t require that they top off the tank before returning the RV, people will flock to you. Find out what is important to customers, and make sure that you include it in your ads. Renters appreciate when people put a little extra time and effort into making them comfortable.

List Correctly

You should make sure that you are selective on where you decide to list your RV for rent. You don’t want to attract the wrong kind of people, but you do want to reach a widespread audience. If you list on craigslist or sites like that, then you should remember to try and protect your privacy. Go to a third location to have potential clients tour your RV, give out a separate email address from your private one, and don’t give out your last name until you are ready for them to sign the rental papers. There are also safe and reputable websites online that can help rent your RV for you.

5 Common Misconceptions about RV Rentals

At American Dream Vacations, we know how important your family vacations are and the different aspects to consider in terms of saving money and having a good time. Renting an RV is one good way that we feel can do this. Here are some of the common misconceptions about RV rentals in Austin for your family vacation and the truth behind them.

There Won’t Be Enough Space

One concern that people have about renting an RV is that there won’t be enough space. When you are road tripping with young kids especially, spaces can get small pretty quick. However, you are not just driving in your sedan or your family minivan. You are driving in a fully equipped vehicle with food, bedding, and all the luxuries of home.

There Won’t Be Enough Privacy

When you rent an RV, you are going to likely find that you have a lot more privacy than you might think. Whether you are looking for privacy from other people in the vehicle or are looking for privacy from other vacationers, your RV may be equipped with additional security features such as privacy blinds, partitions, and more.

It’s Going to Be Too Inconvenient

A lot of people think that renting an RV is going to be too inconvenient. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, when you think about the amenities available to you on an RV compared to a hotel: fully stocked kitchen, full bathrooms, your own luxuries from home such as pillows and blankets, and a lot more room to store it all.

You Have to Go Totally Off the Grid

Some people are concerned with RVs in that they have to go off the grid entirely to enjoy it. However, a lot of RV parks are equipped with all the necessary tools to get your work done on the road and stay connected.

They Are Just for Old Folks

It is not true that RV rentals are just for older people. RVs are furnished with multiple beds and place settings at the table to accommodate everyone from children to adults. RVs are for families, friends, and ultimately anyone wanting to enjoy a vacation.

Renting vs. Owning an RV: Which Is Better for You?

When you’re driving across the country, getting an RV rental or purchasing one can be a great way to travel in comfort and eliminate the need to rent hotels along the way. They can also make camping more enjoyable. If you plan on using an RV for your next trip, you need to decide whether you should purchase or rent one. Here are some things to consider about both to help you make your decision:



  • It’s more cost efficient if you only use it once or twice a year.
  • You won’t have to worry about the cost of purchasing, storing, maintaining, and insuring the RV.
  • You can pick and choose the size, amenities, and kits that you want for each vacation.


  • Read the rules, regulations, and rental agreement very closely. You should know about the cancellation fees, mileage allowance, and other things that can hurt your plans.
  • You may not be allowed to bring your pets along, or you’ll have to pay extra.
  • You may have to pay extra to be able to tow something.



  • When you use it often or have lots of vacations planned, you can save a lot of money by purchasing one rather than renting it.
  • You don’t have to deal with any mileage caps.
  • It’s not a problem to bring your pets along.
  • You can make it feel like home, adding your own personal touches.
  • You can tow whatever you want with it.


  • You need to figure out where to store it.
  • You’ll have to handle the maintenance and other problems that could come up with it.

Think about how often you’ll use it, where you could store it, and how you plan to use it. When determining whether you should make a purchase or get an RV rental in Austin for your next vacation, you can weigh the pros and cons and think about your situation to make your decision.

3 Things You Should Know before Renting a Motor Home

A motor home rental can be a fun way to travel for your next vacation, but there are some things that you should know before you sign the rental agreement and drive away. Here are 3 things that you should consider before renting one:

Your Needs

Before you rent anything, you need to consider your needs and research your options. Think about the number of people that you’ll need to house, where you’re going, and the length of your stay. Talk to your travel companions about the amenities that they would like to have. With this information, you can research your options and determine the size and type of motor home that you would like to rent.


Before signing any rental agreement, you should review all of the costs that you’ll be expected to pay. Ask about the upfront costs, hidden fees, and kits with the things that you’ll need. Depending on the vehicle that you choose, you should plan on paying anywhere from $45 to well over $300 per day. You should know the amount of taxes you’ll need to pay and how much you’ll need to pay for going over your mileage allotment. It would also be wise to ask about how much money you should plan to spend on gas. Most vehicles will only get 7-11 gallons per mile.


Driving a motor home can be intimidating. If you’ve never used one before, it would be wise to practice reversing, parking, and doing other maneuvers in it before you drive it away. You should feel comfortable behind the wheel. Ask any questions that will help you understand how to set up the pop-up camper or use various amenities in the vehicle.

If you have any other questions about getting a motor home rental in Austin, contact American Dream Vacations. We can discuss what you’re looking for and answer any questions that you may have, so you can plan your perfect getaway with the vehicle that fits your needs.

Why American Dream Vacations Is the Best for RV Rentals

Have you seen those families who always seem to be on vacation? You know the ones. They are constantly on the go, seeing new places, posting pictures of historic sights, and having a blast. Some families have all the luck, right? Well, now you can be that family. With amazing options for RV rentals in Austin, your family can get up and go anytime you would like. From Florida to California, renting an RV will give your family the freedom of having a home on wheels while enjoying next trip. Or maybe you are just looking for a travel trailer to take on your next camping trip. Either way, finding your perfect RV is now easier than ever.

American Dream Vacations offers the best selection of recreational vehicles and travel trailers in Austin. Whether you are looking for an RV that can sleep 4 or 12, look no further than our options. We have made it our business to find only the best and greatest for our renters. Our online system makes it quick and easy to see our amazing fleet of vehicles. You can take a virtual tour and even see price quotes and availability at the click of a button. You can find the perfect RV for you and your family in a matter of minutes.

Also, we know that surprises can happen while out on the road. We don’t want you left stranded on the side of the road. If at any time during your travels you find yourself in need of assistance, we have staff on call for you. Our emergency roadside assistance is available night and day. Both on the lot and off, we are here for you–no matter the issue.

If you are toying with the idea of buying an RV for yourself, feel free to come and test out one of ours. We are experts on the matter. Our staff is on hand to help answer any questions you might have. From buying to renting, American Dream Vacations is the perfect place for you to find your next recreational vehicle.

Tips for Renting a Travel Trailer

There are several great benefits to renting a travel trailer. For one thing, you can go anywhere! In a travel trailer, you have the convenience of comfortable living accommodations with the capability of taking it with you anywhere in the United States. What could be better than that? You can see the sites and be comfortable doing it.

For those looking for the perfect travel trailer rental in Austin, American Dream Vacations can help. We have several different types of travel trailers for rent ranging from smaller to large. To help you decide which is the right trailer rental for your next adventure, here are some things to consider.


First, you need to establish a budget and stick to it. Once you have decided how much money you are willing to spend on your travel trailer rental, you can narrow down your options. Our prices allow you to rent by the day or by the week.

Trailer Length

After you have narrowed down your options, you can determine the trailer length you need. Travel trailers range from 12-35 feet. The longer trailers come with more options, which is why it is important to decide what you want your trailer to include. The length also defines the price. Longer trailers will be more expensive. They will also be harder to tow. Usually the best way to decide on the length is by your hitch weight, or even a bit less.

Hitch Weight

It is crucial to establish the amount of weight your vehicle can reasonably tow. This is determined by looking at the GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) and not the dry weight.


Decide what things you must have in your trailer and which things you can compromise on. Our rental trailers come with several options. Consider how many people you need to accommodate. Also think about how much cooking you will be doing and what features you need to make cooking in your trailer more convenient.

Keep in mind these are just a few things to help you. Our experts can provide even more tips and advice to help you find the perfect trailer for your dream getaway!

Looking to Buy a Motorhome? What You Should Know

With summertime just around the corner, you may be champing at the bit ready to hit the road for a relaxing vacation. If you are considering buying a motorhome, we here at American Dream Vacations of Austin share with you a few things you need to know before you sign by the “X.”

Remember—You Get What You Pay for

You may be tempted to save money by purchasing a cheaper, used model, but bear in mind—a motorhome is literally a home. Not only will your RV undergo earthquake-like forces every day as you drive down bumpy roads littered with potholes, but it may be subject to hurricane gales and torrential rain forces as well. Is the motorhome you are looking at sturdy? Will the roof leak, or will there be problems with the plumbing, the heating and cooling systems, the 110-volt electrical system, or more?

Be sure to ask questions as well about the RV’s history, its maintenance records, the reason it’s being sold, etc., so you know exactly what you are getting. If things aren’t looking promising, perhaps a new RV is best. Before you choose the cheaper, used model, make sure it is road- and home-worthy.

How Will Your Motorhome Be Used?

Are you planning to cook up a 3-course gourmet meal in your motor home, or are you fine with just a small microwave for heating up basic foods? Will you need a tub to bathe your children, or is a tiny shower sufficient? Asking yourself questions such as these will help you determine the size and style of the RV you should purchase.

The number of people that will be using the RV will make a huge difference. If you are fine with a single queen-size bed and a sofa or table that transforms into a little bed, then a smaller RV may be sufficient. If you are planning to be on the road for weeks at a time and have 5 people traveling along, consider getting a motorhome that has a washer and dryer and second bathroom installed. The last thing you want to deal with on your vacation is discomfort.

Next time you are in the market for a motorhome, be sure to find one that is the right size and style you need to have a safe, comfortable, and of course, relaxing road journey. Contact us to learn more about how to purchase the right RV.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Renting Out Your RV

Does your family love to adventure in your RV? Many families around the US enjoy taking road trips on their vacation time, seeing the many splendid sites that the country has to offer. However, when you’re not using your RV, it can be an inconvenience to keep in your yard, garage, or driveway. Many RV owners don’t realize that there’s a simple way that can save them space and give them some extra money. We’ve developed a worry-free, hassle-free system that can allow you to rent out your RV to other adventurers when you’re not rolling around the country. Here are 5 reasons why renting out your RV is a great idea.

Saving You Space in Your Driveway, Yard, or Garage

One of the most inconvenient things about having an RV is the amount of room it takes up when you’re not using it. It can be an eyesore to keep in your driveway, but putting it in a garage requires a large space, which cannot then be used to store bikes or other equipment your family needs to keep indoors. All of these issues can be solved when you rent out your RV. Someone else will get to enjoy life on the road, while you don’t have to worry about accommodating the vehicle in your everyday space.

Bring in Some Extra Money

Because RVs are valuable commodities to people who like to go on adventures, you can make some extra income by lending yours out when you are otherwise occupied with the daily grind of working life. This will free up space on your property and also help you with paying your monthly bills. For almost no effort on your part, you can be getting a steady flow of income. This will offset the amount you initially paid for your RV.

Feel Good Knowing You’re Helping Other Adventurers

Not only do we help you make money with almost no effort, you’re actually making extra cash while helping out people who have a lot in common with you. You can share your love of going on road trips with others who don’t have the means to purchase an RV of their own. It’s honest money and it’s also doing a good deed.

Easy Coordination with Professionals

We have a great system in place so that you don’t need to worry about coordinating the details. We can help connect your RV with people that want to use it. We handle the paperwork and serve as the professional middlemen to connect your vehicle with adventure seekers. People who use our service are frequently satisfied with the whole experience and want to repeat the process.

It Won’t Interfere with Your Vacations

When you need your RV back, we’ve got a great scheduling system that will have your RV back to you. You can reap the benefits of renting out your RV, while also being able to use it at your convenience. Your family can use your RV whenever you are ready to go adventuring.

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