At American Dream Vacations, we know how important your family vacations are and the different aspects to consider in terms of saving money and having a good time. Renting an RV is one good way that we feel can do this. Here are some of the common misconceptions about RV rentals in Austin for your family vacation and the truth behind them.

There Won’t Be Enough Space

One concern that people have about renting an RV is that there won’t be enough space. When you are road tripping with young kids especially, spaces can get small pretty quick. However, you are not just driving in your sedan or your family minivan. You are driving in a fully equipped vehicle with food, bedding, and all the luxuries of home.

There Won’t Be Enough Privacy

When you rent an RV, you are going to likely find that you have a lot more privacy than you might think. Whether you are looking for privacy from other people in the vehicle or are looking for privacy from other vacationers, your RV may be equipped with additional security features such as privacy blinds, partitions, and more.

It’s Going to Be Too Inconvenient

A lot of people think that renting an RV is going to be too inconvenient. Nothing could be further from the truth, however, when you think about the amenities available to you on an RV compared to a hotel: fully stocked kitchen, full bathrooms, your own luxuries from home such as pillows and blankets, and a lot more room to store it all.

You Have to Go Totally Off the Grid

Some people are concerned with RVs in that they have to go off the grid entirely to enjoy it. However, a lot of RV parks are equipped with all the necessary tools to get your work done on the road and stay connected.

They Are Just for Old Folks

It is not true that RV rentals are just for older people. RVs are furnished with multiple beds and place settings at the table to accommodate everyone from children to adults. RVs are for families, friends, and ultimately anyone wanting to enjoy a vacation.

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